The company

The RFID Korth Ltda. is a company located in São Carlos - SP, 230 km from the capital, São Paulo, in the geographic center of the state. With approximately 220 thousand inhabitants, São Carlos a mild climate city around 21 ° C due to the altitude of 855m, received the title of Capital of Technology for hosting two of the best public universities in the country, the EESC-USP and UFSCar and two private colleges, and host two major research centers of Embrapa, the CPPSE and CNPDIA.

The performance of Korth, in the market began in 1991 with products that today are no longer manufactured by the company. In 1995 the company starts the development of high technology products, primarily for the automotive repair industry through the development of equipments for the Tecnomotor Eletronica S.A. and then to the industry of spare keys equipped with transponder, for Indústria de Chaves Gold Ltda.

In mid-1999 was initiated the greatest of all the projects developed by the company: The Animalltag system for electronic identification of animals. It is an innovative system for identifying pets, wildlife and livestock farming.

This ambitious project was developed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, veterinarians and animal scientists in the search for a better solution for animal identification.

The system Animalltag was officially launched on the market in April 2000. Currently Korth Rfid Ltda. is the market leader in identification of horses, wild animals and pets in Latin America, with over 1,000,000 animals identified. In the market for identification of cattle, is a provider of official eartags for traceability systems of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia.

The RFID Korth Ltda. ICAR has its prefix, for issuance of microchips in accordance with ISO 11784 - the prefix 963. To receive a prefix ICAR, the company is required to prove the quality and performance of microchips and readers marketed through samples sent for testing.

Besides identification of animals, Korth RFID Ltda. operates in two different segments: control fuel delivery and product development for the ethanol industry, always focusing on radio frequency identification technology.

The product line of animal identification is marketed to veterinarians, pet breeders, farmers, wild animals breeders, horse breeders, Zoos and municipalities.

Besides the Brazilian market, Korth currently exports its equipment to other countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Mexico.

The company has received several awards of national importance due to international prominence obtained by its animal identification products.

An important feature of Korth has been the constant investment in research and development. Korth has a laboratory that enables research and development in the areas of electronic identification, data transmission, RF, software for high and low level and embedded electronics.

Due to company growth and increasing staff, Korth went to the third extension, and is currently installed in its own building with built up area of ​​1005 m2, in an area of ​​3529.80 m2.

Currently Korth RFID Ltda. is an established company that joins their products to the innovative technology.

Korth RFID has a strategic partnership with Embrapa a brazilian agricultural research centre, and develops various projects and products together.



The company received due to its prominence obtained by products of animal identification, the following awards:

  • in 2001, the first prize of the "Ruraltech Award" in the category Products and Processes, International Exhibition on Technologies for Agribusiness during the ExpoLondrina, in Londrina,
  • in 2005 the first prize in the "Award Struthio Agree 2005" in the category Accessories, awarded by the magazine Struthio&Culture,
  • in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 the company was awarded the Top of List and Top of Mind Award in the category Eartags,
  • in 2009 the company received in Germany, the international prize IF Product Design Awards, known as the Oscars of the Design World, and
  • in 2011 received the award São Paulo Exports for its growth in export markets.


The mission

"Developing in Brazil electronics and high technology innovators, serving agribusiness products with good performance and robust to provide complete solutions."


The quality policy

"Our commitment is to satisfy our customers, through the practice of our values, innovation, improvement of technology and the continuous search of improvement of our products and processes."



Besides the universal values ​​- integrity, respect, excellence and quality - which we believe are essential for any company, also cultivate:

  • The tireless pursuit for customer satisfaction,
  • The tireless pursuit for cost reduction, waste and bureaucracy,
  • The tireless pursuit for increased profitability and optimization of processes,
  • The tireless search for solutions and actions that make our vision a reality, and
  • The quality of life and professional growth of our staff.

Thus we have: our satisfied clients, our company healthy, leadership in our markets and our employees performed.