AT05 Reader


AT05, your powerful ally in herding management.

Extremely easy to handle, reads electronic identifiers and collects events through “Cowboy Keyboard” system.

Developed and tested in conjunction with Embrapa, is the only transponder reader that has the quality seal "Embrapa Technology".

Technical Features

  • NEW! Portable, fiber glass resistant rod, with an exclusive design and registered IP67 protection, rain and dust proof,
  • Two line screen and 16 characters per line, with backlighting,
  • Stick shaped antenna with rubber handle, 3 reading starter buttons and luminous tip indicating successful reading concluded,
  • Reads ISO FDX-B and HDX eartags, rumen bolus and glasstags. Excellent reading distance,
  • NEW! memory for record 100.000 reads of tasks and animal,
  • separation function indicated through a ringing sound which animal must be discarded,
  • Indicates the animals already worked on,
  • A ringing sound indicates over or under weight animals, according to a defined weight established by user,
  • Compatible with AnimallTAG weighing scales,
  • Contains built-in clock for recording date and time of animal readings and events,
  • Data transmission through RS232 cable and Bluetooth,
  • Rechargeable Li-on batteries with duration autonomy of more than 8 hours in the field,
  • Includes 110/220V automatic charger, two extra batteries, 5 electronic cards, RS232 communication cable and CD ROM with software to download data into your computer, and instructions manual.