Disk tag


Electronic disk tag is reusable, allowing its installation in another animal after plastic eartag removal.
Excellent cost benefit.

Electronic disk tags must be applied using the long male AnimallTAG, allowing airing of wound which is a result from the installation.

Electronic disk tag must be placed between male and female of plastic eartag.

Available in 6 colours.



The electronic disk tag is produced with worldwide high quality thermoplastic polyurethane with special formulations which avoid microorganism growth and increasing printing contrast.

In the raw composition of the electronic AnimallTAG eartag minuends are added for protection against UV rays avoiding that weather conditions alter its physical-chemical characteristics offering high resistance against abrasion, traction and great flexibility.

The RFID electronic identifier is produced by a double injection process, resulting in a more resistant, hermetically sealed and inviolable product.


Electronic unit

FDX-B technology is used on electronic disk tag according to ISO 11785 regulations and printed under ISO 11784 regulations.

The RFID electronic identifier unit of the AnimallTAG is coated with a silicone film, which increases resistance and guarantees sealing.

Enhanced performance for better reading distance.


Exclusive advantages of AnimallTAG disk tag

Electronic disk tag must be placed between male and female of plastic eartag.

When used together with official eartags for traceability, the disk tag features the following advantages compared with reusable electronic eartags:

  1. The disk tag is applied with the small eartag of official system, avoiding the need for a third hole in the ear. Less time to corral and a lower rate of maggots.
  2. In the reuse is not necessary to purchase one more male. Saving money.
  3. The locking mechanism of the eartag holding the disk tag is always replaced, not suffering the action of wear successive reuses. Lowest loss rate.