Transponder Reader AT01 with Bluetooth

Technical Features

  • Plastic box with reinforced protection IP55, resistant to dust and water jets of low pressure,
  • Internal and external antenna (sold as separately),
  • Reading ISO FDX-B transponders 134.2 kHz and transponders intelligent ISO 14223,
  • Memory 100 readings,
  • Recording intelligent transponders, dates of vaccinations and information if the animal has been spayed,
  • Excellent read performance, ideal for identification of pets and horses,
  • Reads 2x12mm implantable transponders at a distance of 12 cm and electronics eartags at a distance of up to 35 cm,
  • Data transmission via RS232 cable,
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth Class 1, up to 100 meters,
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery with autonomy for 8 hours,
  • Accompanying battery charger 110V / 220V automatic and RS232 communication cable,
  • Equipment manufactured in Brazil, with technical assistance and local support, and
  • Excellent value for money.

Unique advantages of Animalltag:

  • Local technical assistance. In warranty or out of warranty you are assured that your equipment will be repaired. Others imported readers, after the warranty not are serviced by their importers and become disposable!!
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery. Readers transponder consume enough battery to run the microchip reading. Readers who use disposable 9V batteries, besides generating waste, becomes expensive when you consider the expense of purchasing batteries!!
  • Reading distance of 12 cm for transponders dimension 2x12mm. Good performance is required for reading identification horse, animals in which the application of the microchip is intramuscular.
  • The transmission of data via Bluetooth is ideal when it is necessary to transmit the data read to a computer, for example to check the information about the animal, or when the player is used in humid environments, for example in identifying fish.