Sterile Transponder with Needle

  Microchip Implantation Sites


The transponder with needle packaged in sterile blister Animalltag, is ideal for the pets and wild animals identification, when concern about the sterilization of the product is the predominant factor.

The transponder is covered by a bio glass, which is known for its compatibility with living tissue. It impedes rejection in implants because the inert glass capsule is covered by Parylene, an anti-migration substance, which promotes bonding and impedes migration of the transponder within animal tissue. Its dimension is 2mm in diameter by 12mm long.

The microchip can be inserted into your animal in a quick and no more painful process than a vaccination. Instead of protecting animals against illnesses it will provide protection against loss or theft.

The transponder Animalltag has additional memory that besides the identification number of the animal, records:

  • the year's journey vaccination of anger,
  • the year's journey vaccination of leishmaniasis,
  • the year's journey or take another vaccine, and
  • information if the animal has been spayed or not.

The information recorded in memory can be accessed and/or modified with the microchip implanted in the animal.

An internet database are included to the onwer with no additional charges.