Electronic Eartag

  ICAR HDX certificate

  ICAR FDX-B certificate


Electronic eartag utilizes FDX-B ad HDX technology according to ISO 11785 regulations, having unique numbering printed during production under the ISO 11784 regulation.

Developped and tested in conjuction with Embrapa, it is the only eartag that has the quality seal "Embrapa Technology".

Available in 6 colours.



AnimallTAG eartags are produced with worldwide high quality thermoplastic polyurethane with special formulations which avoid microorganism growth and increasing printing contrast.

In the raw composition of the electronic AnimallTAG ear tag minuends are added for protection against UV rays avoiding that weather conditions alter its physical-chemical characteristics offering high resistance against abrasion, traction and great flexibility


Technical Features

  • ICAR registered, under 963-003 (FDX-B) and 963-004 (HDX),
  • AnimallTAG electronic eartag saves the identification number in its memory according to ISO 11784,
  • AnimallTAG electronic ear tag has a nylon sealed head providing a free spin mechanism resulting in lower loss index,
  • AnimallTAG electronic ear tag was developed for bovine use, and it can be utilized in animals of all ages, even newborns, due to its low weight, resulting in great flexibility,
  • calibrated electronic unity in order to provide better reading distance, and
  • the ear tag electronic unity is coated by a silicone film enhancing resistance and guaranteeing sealing.